IAP Manager Pro  1.0
In-App Purchase and Game Data Manager
IAP Manager Pro API


IAP Manager Pro is a total solution for in-app purchase and game data management. It provides an easy way to manage the in-app purchase, virtual currencies, inventories, game level data and player properties in the game. With a powerful UI template system for displaying managed object data.

IAP Manager Pro provide a set of API to managing the data. Most operation is doing via the static class IAPInventoryManager. You can import the library by include the following code in your script header.

    using Digicrafts.IAP.Pro

Data Object

IAP Manager Pro provides data types for common game workflow. The system contains data types included IAPCurrency, IAPInventory, IAPAbility, IAPGameLevel and IAPPackage.


IAPCurrency is a data object to store the virtual currency. It is use in local in-app purcahse to purchase other objects.


IAPInventory is a data object to store the inventory. It is use for storing inventory data and procide a custom properties.


IAPAbility is a data object to store the ability/powerup. It is use for storing ability/powerup data. It provide a level array to store the infromation for each ability/powerup level.


IAPGameLevel is a data object to store the game level. It is use for storing game level data. It procide a list of sub-level item to indicate if the level it locked. Also, it can have custom properties.


IAPPackage is a data object to store the package. It is use for in-app purcahse data. Each package repersent a in-app purchase product. You can define what item and amount within the package.


You can use static class IAPInventoryManager to manage the data within the system. IAPInventoryManager provides methods to query data object.


IAPCurrency currency = IAPInventoryManager.GetCurrency(uid);

The data class will provide methods to matain the data object.


// Get the amount of the currency oject within the system
int amount = currency.amount;

// Add 100 amount to the currency